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Solutions Standing rules.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our support group and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach in the field of child care.

To maintain integrity as a child care professional at all times.


-To maintain a current Child care license with your county or state licensing agency.

-To follow Licensing regulations and expectations.


-Report to the support leaders any issues or problems with licensing right away.

-To support your fellow child care provides in emotional support, referrals, and resources.

-To respect the confidentially of things shared with fellow group members. anything discussed in the group whether it's in person, meetings or by our email group must stay with the group.  Even if the subject concerns anyone you know personally outside of this group.  We must abide by our Confidentiality requirement.

-Solutions members: To attend meetings throughout the year in your group.   (if not monthly then bi-monthly or tri-monthly attendance required)

-To share referrals that we don't need for our own purpose.   Once the referrals are shared with the group they are to stay with the group.  Please do not share with non-group members.  We must help the providers in our group first and foremost.

-Helping parents find child care, and helping providers in your group to connect with these parents. (Solutions members use their referral list) (and email members can share on the email loop.)
-To maintain your name on the referral list by attending meetings either monthly or the minimum of tri-monthly.

-Email members maintain communication on the emails. Participate in our email discussions and share referrals as well. Members that do not communicate on the email loop will be considered inactive and removed.


-Notify the support leaders if you need your email to be placed on inactive.  Notify the support leader if there are changes to your email or other important information.

-It is the purpose of this group to be a participant and involved.  For everyone not just a few.  Because we share resources and referrals it's important to participate.

-Common courtesy to all group members by acknowledging referral leads, or referral that you have accepted.
-Avoid unacceptable language in our email postings.  Extreme foul language will not be tolerated. 
-Members can bring forth resources either public resources, or personal resources that are not child care related as long as they are in good taste and of interest to the group.  Email support leader for consent for any resources that are not child care related.
-Promote our networking group, SOLUTIONS and SACRAMENTO providers (email group) and bring in new members. 

-It is important to always maintain trust, honesty and respect for each other.  We must not bad mouth publicly or in our forums another provider in our group at any time.  Our goal is to help each other not belittle, humiliate or insult each other. 
-Avoid Plagiarism:  Always ask permission to borrow anything from anyone's website, advertisements, contracts, handouts, or anything pertaining to their child care business.  Some providers have very unique things that they would like to keep as their own.  Providers who are willing to share would like the common courtesy of being asked first. 
-Avoid copying and pasting, or quoting any emails on public forums without consent of the person who wrote the email or from the Group.  Avoid unprofessional activities on any public forum. 


-It is important to carry this trust continuously when we help with substitute or back up care.  (do not deliberately take clients away from current provider).  Whenever you fill in for another provider you are to avoid discussing with any parent your own child care, joining your child care or offering your child care services.  Even if the parents ask about your child care.  Providers need to know that they can trust a provider to simply fill in for them without loosing their business to them.



_Report to the support leaders any issues pertaining to a fellow member privately.

-To strive to further your professional growth hours, and education through workshops, conferences, meetings, and other sources of education's for child care professionals.  

-To continue to grow and be educated in the field of Child Care or Early Childhood Development and Education.


-To promote, and provide Quality child care in your community.

-To always be professional in your child care business.  

Solutions promotes Quality child care and professionalism.

Support Group Purpose

The purpose of this group is to increase the popularity of our common interests. To provide support for each other, and to achieve greater knowledge through our combined experiences.
We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun while we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, this support group will become even stronger.

revised Sept. 7, 2007
revised 10/26/07

Support Leaders:
Pat Alexander
Peggy Gonzales

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