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In Memory

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Cassandra Lizzette Floyd

In loving Memory

Cassandra was a Day Care parent in my Child Care
from August 1999 till June 2001.
At which time I closed down my Day Care in San Jose CA. to relocate to Elk Grove, CA. We were till in touch.  Her daughter Iman was a great buddy to my Grand daughter Serena.  Iman now age 4 years will reside with her Grandmother and eventually be adopted by her Aunt, Cassandra's Sister.
Cassandra was taken from us by the hands of her Ex husband.  On the same evening he decided to take Cassandra's Life he also took his own life.  Fortunately Saving Iman but leaving her an Orphan. 
We are very sadden by the events that took place and will Miss Cassandra.

became a Doctor of Medicine and obstetrics and Gynecology recently.
After she completed her Residency last June she took time off to be with her daughter Iman.  She also took a 10 day hiking trip to the mountains and rain forests of Belize.

Cassandra was dedicated to improving the lives of low income people of color through adolescent health education and access to high quality health care.  She received numerous awards and distinctions for her public service. 
Cassandra was a critical catalyst in linking beginning medical practitioners with low income neighborhood clinics.  After medical school she initiated a partnership between planned parenthood and Kaiser Permanente to establish a community outreach teen clinic which was integrated into her OB/GYN residency program.

Santa Teresa Hospital in San Jose is building a memorial garden in Cassandra's name.  A small urn of her ashes will be placed there.

Santa Teresa Hospital is also naming a scholarship after Cassandra, to give to the top resident of the year annually. 

Although she has been tragedy taken from us, her spirit and her achievements will live on in others.